2021 Recap

2021 was a busy year in the Cornett Lab! We bid farewell to two lab members in the summer. Rebekah Jackson (Chemistry undergraduate at IUPUI, LHSI program) completed her internship and will move on to pursue computational chemistry research in the fall. Dr. Alison Bates (postdoc) moved on to a research scientist position at Elanco! We moved across the street into the Van Nuys Medical Science Building in the fall, bringing us closer to some of our departmental colleagues and collaborators. Finally, Jocelyne and Christine successfully defended their thesis proposals and passed their qualifying exams. After completing their coursework in the Spring, they will move on to be official candidates for their respective Doctoral degrees! Kudos Jocelyne and Christine. We celebrated with a lab outing to an escape room and randomly drew a celebratory patch for their lab coats!

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